Our Focus:
We are dedicated to creating innovative
products that deliver more than is traditionally
expected. Products that are stronger, safer, &
simpler to use and maintain, thereby promoting
cleaner stables, richer pastures, healthier
horses, and happier equestrians with more time
to ride. These are our ongoing goals.
2006 Business Weekly Innovation Award
The Stablers, Inc.
President: Mike and Linda Stabler
The couple formed the Stablers, Inc. in 2004 and the
company is based in Waterloo. The company promotes,
manufactures and sells Rotary Manure Spreaders,
which were designed and produced by the Stablers,
who are horse owners. The spreader uses a newly
patented rotary design, which allows any horse owner,
from those with small stables to large ranches, to clean
stalls with the spreader. It then can be taken directly to
the field or pasture for immediate spreading, or it can
store the manure until the spreader is full.
Linda on a pony, the moment she KNEW she wanted a horse, and a few years before the invention of the Rotary Manure Spreader!
Doing some homework on manure spreaders, she found a hopper type spreader that looked like it should work a lot
better. It didn't. The hopper type manure spreader came with different problems. One of which lead her husband to
remark, "Horse manure packs so well, they should make bridges out of it!"  Rocks would also get stuck in the tines and
stop them from spinning, or be distributed in the pasture.  Exactly where she didn't want them!
As an adult, that issue quickly becomes evident!  Especially since an average 1000 pound
horse produces nine tons of manure per year. That's approximately fifty pounds per day!
This is exactly where the inventor and CEO of The Stablers, Inc found herself about 9 years
ago. Linda Stabler finally got her horse, and he brought a buddy, and all the manure that
came with them. Now, she had to figure out what to do with it!
She tried a box type manure spreader, they have been around forever. Unfortunately, when it
wasn't flinging big chunks of manure which smothered the grass and dropping "fly condos",  it  
would leave her stranded in the middle of the pasture. She would have to unload the manure
spreader that she just loaded, fix the box spreader if she could or call her husband for help. (He
loved this as horses were definitely NOT his thing!)  This unreliable, inefficient antique machine
was taking too much time and energy, and not leaving her enough time with the horses.
Linda realized that she wanted something that would be reliable, work well with Mother Nature and be safe and easy to
use. Being that necessity is the mother of invention, she came up with the idea for the Rotary Manure Spreader.  No
chains, No gears, No tines, No PTO, and No hydraulic oil or hoses. Completely ground driven, safe, easy to use and
maneuver, with nothing to break down. The Rotary Manure Spreader has been proven around the world with inquiries
and sales as far away as Scotland, Mongolia and Australia!
So often you see the "Mission Statement" of a company, but rarely do you see WHY they are doing what they do.
"WHY" gives you the purpose that inspires all innovative thinking to handle any problem! Our WHY starts when my
childhood dream came true, at age 55, followed closely by the reality of MANURE!!!
 All I wanted was a nice thin, even
spread and something I wouldn't get caught in or hurt on to handle all that manure!
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Scottsdale ARABIAN
February 14-24, 2013
Rotary Manure
Waterloo, IN      
4 years old - the day the
dream began.
              Steve Jobs, CEO  Apple Inc.