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World's Leading Rotary Manure Spreader!
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Here's a picture of my manure spreader in action.  I pull it with a Mule -
a Kawasaki Mule - but a Mule non the less.   I love the way it breaks up
the manure into a fine layer.  Perfect for pasture or lawn.    Thank you.
I’m finally getting around to sending you some pictures of the smart
spreader at work.  We disked both of our huge lawns and changed all the
irrigation heads.  So it took us longer than we planned.  If you want, I can
send you the pictures of the grass when it comes in.  We love it.  It is so
easy to cover the lawns.  We scored 7 free dump truck loads of manure
from our equestrian center.  It works perfect.  We think the lawns are going
to look great.

Department of Parks and Recreation, San Diego County
Rotary Manure
The Long Ears Love it Too!
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